Top Reasons why You should purchase the registered version of Easy Driver Pro

When you download Easy Driver Pro to use our free scan to see what drivers need to be updated on your PC, you receive the unregistered free version. This will tell you what drivers your PC needs. To download and install them automatically, you will need to buy the registered version.

Of course, you can always to each manufacturer’s website and download the necessary device drivers individually and install them for free yourself.

The table below shows the difference between the unregistered (free) and registered (paid) versions.

Features Unregistered Registered
Cost($) Free $69.90
* includes 2 years of unlimited driver updates
Number of Device Driver Downloads Per Account None Unlimited
Direct Download Start Download Start Download
Drivers Specific to Your Computer Model
Scans entire PC for missing and out-dated device drivers
Comprehensive database of all the most recent drivers released by all of the major hardware manufacturers
Full Report of Device Drivers already Installed
Driver Backup Wizard that backs up the drivers on your PC
Web Access to Scan History Including all Recommended Drivers
24x7 Email-based Customer Support that will also provide research for custom built machines
Access To Knowledgebase and Install Instructions
Additional Support Software for Drivers
Languages Supported